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Power banks - photovoltaics

Power banks dedicated to photovoltaic installations are an integral part of the whole system. Their application in photovoltaic installations allows for complete independence from energy suppliers such as Tauron, Enea, PGE or Energa. Power banks are also an ideal choice for investors interested in obtaining electricity in places where connection to the grid is impossible.

How do power banks work?

Photovoltaic installations produce electricity during the day, during periods of high insolation. The electricity thus produced is used for the day-to-day needs of households, farms and businesses. However, the level of self-consumption of the energy produced varies. Instead of providing the surplus energy to the grid and receiving it at a loss of 20-30%, or reselling it on not very favourable conditions, it can be stored in a dedicated power bank. We encourage you to get acquainted with power storage devices offered by CORAB. We provide professional consulting and high-quality power banks compatible with photovoltaic inverters from leading world producers.