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26 pcs.
Intelligent energy storage system from Huawei LUNA -2000. It consists of 1-3 battery modules to form an energy storage with a capacity of 5kWh to 15kWh, a separate battery controller intelligently manages the energy. It is possible to connect 2 complete stores, obtaining a capacity of 30kWh.
Technical data of a single module:
Nominal voltage: 360/600V DC
Nominal capacity: 5000Wh
Usable capacity: 5000Wh
Number of cycles: 6000
Compatibility: Huawei SUN2000 2-5KTL, Huawei SUN2000 2-6KTL-L1, Huawei SUN2000 3-10KTL -M0, Huawei SUN2000 3-10KTL -M1
More Information
Weight 50.00 kg
Producer HUAWEI
Power 5000 W
Warranty 10 years