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Surge protectors
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Electrical protection of photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaics in Poland is becoming increasingly popular not only among individual investors, but also entrepreneurs and farmers. The possibility of obtaining free energy from the Sun significantly reduces monthly payments towards the power utility company and, what is important, makes it possible to become independent from constantly rising electricity prices. The ecological aspect is also of significance.

However, in order to benefit from investing in RES, it is necessary to properly approach the issue of selecting individual components of the photovoltaic installation. It is extremely important to ensure proper electrical protection and to commission the installation to experienced and reliable installers.

Electrical protection of photovoltaics

Many factors influence the efficient operation, reliability and safe use of a photovoltaic installation. The choice of good quality photovoltaic modules, inverters, support structures and cabling is crucial. Equally important is the place of installation or the choice of contractor.

Do not forget to use appropriate electrical protection, which should be on both the direct current (DC) and the alternating current (AC) sides. It must be remembered that direct current is generated by photovoltaic modules and only the inverter converts it into alternating current, which can be used in household or business appliances. To ensure their efficient work and prevent overvoltages, photovoltaic installations must be protected with devices such as surge arresters. These are tailored to different voltage ratings and types of electricity networks. Lightning protection is also important since it eliminates the risk of sudden surges during lightning discharges.

CORAB AC/DC protection devices

CORAB offers many models of DC and AC surge arresters of a renowned manufacturer - Jean Mueller. The PEFS PROJOY fire safety switch is also noteworthy, thanks to which, in the event of a fire, the extinguishing of the photovoltaic installation can be carried out quickly and safely and potential damage will be significantly reduced.

CORAB Partner - choose a reliable photovoltaic contractor

If you want to be sure that your photovoltaic installation will be made with due diligence and with the application of adequate electrical protection, entrust the work to one of the contractors associated with the CORAB Partner network. Currently, it consists of over 120 companies from different regions of Poland. Their experience in photovoltaic installation will shorten the period of return on investment in RES and bring considerable savings - of time and money.