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Photovoltaic inverters

A photovoltaic inverter is a key component of any photovoltaic installation. These devices are used to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). In addition to the DC/AC conversion, inverters monitor and control the operation of the entire installation and provide the possibility to verify the amount of generated energy or to make real-time readings on the DC and AC sides. Therefore, when choosing an inverter for photovoltaics, you should pay more attention to this aspect and make a reconnaissance of the possibilities available on the market.

Photovoltaic inverters - how to choose the best model?

When choosing a particular photovoltaic inverter model, there are several key parameters to consider. An important role is played by:

  • Inverter power - the power of the photovoltaic inverter must appropriately match the PV module power. This is determined by the power ratio, which should be between 80% and 120%. It is usually assumed that the power of the PV modules used in the installation should be higher than the power of the inverter. The reverse relation is only recommended when we plan to expand the installation with new modules.
  • Price - it must be remembered that the higher the power of the inverter, the higher its price. This is why it is so important to adequately select the inverter power in order to optimally use the potential of the equipment and ensure the highest possible energy yield.
  • Inverter efficiency - photovoltaic inverters from reputable manufacturers, can offer an efficiency level of 98%, which ensures a favourable energy effect and significantly reduces the return on investment period.
  • MPPT - photovoltaic inverters control the load on the PV modules, i.e. the maximum power point tracking. This ensures that the flow of energy from the PV panels to the inverter is most efficient and translates into the amount of electricity produced.
  • Warranty period - usually between 5 and 10 years with the possibility of extension to as much as 25 years. However, it must be remembered that the service life of photovoltaic inverters is generally shorter than that of PV modules. Every downtime of the inverter interrupts the power generation. It is therefore worth choosing photovoltaic inverters, whose warranty service is available close to the place of investment and additionally works efficiently.

CORAB photovoltaic inverters

CORAB offers a wide selection of photovoltaic inverters from renowned manufacturers, such as Huawei, Solaredge, Fronius, Sofar Solar, Sungrow, SMA and Fimer/ABB. We provide professional assistance in choosing inverters, whose parameters are always adjusted optimally to the power of the installation regardless of its size, place of installation or current parameters.