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Sofar 10kW + 10kWh Set

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Base + control unit (BDU) of the Sofar Solar BTS 5K-BDU storage battery.


  • Modular and integrated design for easy installation,
  • Flexible usable capacity - 1 to 4 storage battery modules can be installed,
  • Compact dimensions, so it fits better into the space,
  • Modern design of storage control system for maximum utilisation of stored energy and longer service life.


Sofar Solar BTS 5K storage battery module


  • 1-4 battery modules to achieve a usable capacity of 5 to 20kWh,
  • Multi-level energy management,
  • 10-year warranty.


Sofar Solar HYD10KTL-3PH inverter


  • Two MPPT inputs, more flexible configuration,
  • Diversified operation patterns and fast gains,
  • APF mode, maximum two battery inputs,
  • Precise digital operation control mechanism,
  • Off-grid output can be connected to non-equivalent load, three-phase separate outputs supported.