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755 pcs.
SOFARSOLAR 5.5KTLX-G3 will be the new and improved version of the most popular, reliable, fast and easy to install
two-speed series of PV inverters from the SOFAR series. Thanks to a wide voltage range and a maximum efficiency of up to 98.6%,
1.1 times continuous output overload, maximum DC input voltage up to 1100 V, inverters
SOFARSOLAR 5.5KTL-X are not only easy to install and configure, but also powerful. Innovative
solutions implemented in these products, such as low starting voltage, wide MPPT voltage, scan function
IV curve shadows with intelligent thrust monitoring to increase power generation revenues,
Adjustable MPPT scan refresh time, wide range of monitoring options, make them the perfect choice
for 3-phase residential and small commercial PV installations.
With an IP65 cast gasket, audible and light alarm function and built-in type II SPD
for both direct and alternating current, overvoltage / undervoltage, overcurrent, over temperature and others
multiple protections, is a reliable and stable source of electricity from the sun
More Information
Weight 16.42 kg
Manufacturer SOFARSOLAR
Module power 5500 W
Number of phases 3.0
Warranty 12 years
Purpose Domestic
Efficiency 97.50 %
Max DC Voltage 1100.00 V
Start up voltage 160.00 V
Products family 3.3K~12KTLX-G3
Type 3-phase