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4423 pcs.
Corab PB-068 system is an aerodynamic photovoltaic structure dedicated to flat roof. Orientation of modules south, with a slope angle of 15 degrees. Ballast system, has dedicated ballast platforms. It is equipped with additional insulation to protect the roof from friction of the aluminum elements. The system includes: 1) PF_PB068.1 -bottom mount L70 -1pc 2) Y_PB068.01 -top mount PB068 -1pc 3) 32-05-04.0001 -6mm rubber insulation -4pc 4) PF_PB068.2 -Bag with screws -1pc 5) XPF_PB068.6.001- EPDM gasket 120x3 -2pc.
More Information
Weight 1.80 kg
Producer CORAB
Material Aluminum