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> Manufacturer

Corab Encor is the brand name for equipment offered by Corab S.A., Poland's largest manufacturer of components for the renewable energy sector.
Corab S.A. uses its 30 years of experience in the field of energy technology to develop and design innovative devices.
In response to the expectations of installers and to provide a comprehensive range of its own products for photovoltaic installations, Corab S.A. has introduced the entire Corab Encor family of products.
These include grid and hybrid inverters, photovoltaic modules and energy storage.
Corab Encor devices are the result of work carried out by Corab engineers at its own research and development center and cooperation with leading research centers in Poland.
Corab Encor branded inverters and energy storage units work with the proprietary Corab One application, which enables control of energy production and consumption, as well as full diagnostics of the devices' operation.
In addition to high quality performance, Corab Encor devices are characterized by unique functionalities, safety of use and ensure maximization of energy effects.

> Module characteristics

Monocrystalline photovoltaic module EC405M-10-108B with a capacity of 405 W, using half-cut cells.
The model will be perfect for installations implemented on single-family houses.
The module uses a black anodized aluminum frame.
It shows excellent resistance during harsh weather conditions.

> Why choose this product?

• PV module from a proven Polish company with 30 years of experience in the RES market
• Linear module power guarantee for 25 years. Power degradation in the 1st year <2%, subsequent years 0.55%, and after 25 years power at 84.8% of the original value.
• Nationwide company service
• Half-cut cells affecting reduced power loss at higher solar intensity, as well as better efficiency in partial shade or dirt.
• Wide power tolerance, in the range of 0~+3%
• Secure and original MC4 connectors from Stäubli
• Durable design. The module shows excellent resistance to snow (5400 Pa) and wind (2400 Pa).
More Information
Weight 20.00 kg
Producer CORAB Encor
Power 405 W
Module type Black frame
Warranty 12 years
Width 1134
Depth 30
Height 1708